Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how we use the personal information collected when registering to our hosting services, and also falls under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Who we are ?

RHC Hosting Africa Ltd covers the African and the Middle East region of the Hosting Department of RH & Co. IT Services Ltd - RHC Hosting Africa Ltd is registered in Ghana under #CS119542020 with AME customers having their Tier-4 DataCenters located in the UK

How & what information do we collect ?

We collect and hold the absolute minimum necessary information from you - which is part of the ordering process and requires registering on our website during which, we will collect your name, address, email and phone number. We also collect some of your information such as your location, IP address, browser information or pages visited on our website, when contacting us via live chat or your phone number when contacting us via phone. We do not collect additional un-needed or irrelevant information such as data about your lifestyle or shopping patterns for example.

Why do we collect this & what do we do with it ?

This information is only used for the following reasons below :

  Sending due invoices for services or products provided
  Speeding up the identification of a previous, current or future customer, and looking up their products ordered in a faster manner
  Sending offers only if specifically opted in (on 01/05/2018 we have reset ALL subscriptions and requested customers to explicitly opt-in)
  Notifying you of planned hardware or software maintenance
  Notifying you of unplanned network issues or outages
  Responding to your support tickets or queries

We will never share your information with 3rd parties nor sell it for marketing purposes. However for crime or fraud prevention/investigation and if required by law or a court order, we will release the information we hold about you to the law enforcement agencies.

How long do we keep this data for & how secure is it?

Your data is kept for as long as you have an active service with us. For UK and EU customers, we need to hold some of your information for up to respectively 6 (six) and 10 (ten) years in order to comply with our statutory obligations.

All information read and the data transmitted via our website is encrypted via SSL. Access to your data is available via a password that only you know. Therefore, it is your responsability to ensure you choose a secure and strong password when registering to our website. Strong password meaning a mixture of symbols, capital letters and numbers. Some of your information will be used to protect us, detect and reduce fraud.

Viewing & Editing Your Information

You can view and edit your information/ add an additional account holder or update your company data via your control panel. You will also have the opportunity to opt-out or opt-in to our marketing emails.

Use of Cookies ?

We use cookies to have an insight of our website visitors (location, provenance, time on site etc...) and improve their user experience.

Updates to this Policy

This Privacy Policy is under regular review and is updated as required.

Last Revised, 16 March 2020

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